Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday's discussion sections

Greetings from a Sunny Monday,
Just a quick reminder about your work for this week. You should be working on your papers, which are due on Thursday. Remember that you need to take a draft to the learning center before you turn it in. Please bring a draft to class on Tuesday, too. It's OK if this is just an outline, notes, or if it's a full blown draft; just bring whatever you have.

For tomorrow, you should also read the short essay entitled "The Shot" from Jans' The Glacier Wolf. Be sure to bring both this book and the selection from Hayes' Blonde Indian to section on Tuesday so we can discuss both the guest lectures and the readings.

Finally, you don't need to post a new reading question to the blog.




  1. Well I'm just going to post my question here for the "In the Hands of the Restless Poor" because there is not yet somewhere to post.

    I think that the description of her unenthusiastic group of students is funny, and the fact that the author states, "I liked the group immediately," is just silly. It leads me to wonder, if she liked this group so much, would she be happy with any sort of gathering of people?

    Hannah Massey

  2. There were some people who were described as being too poor to afford the class, shouldn't it be those people who get the most help instead of just kicking them out?

    Sarah Ryan

  3. “How can you teach philosophy to poor people without the Allegory of the Cave? The ghetto is the cave. Education is the light. Poor people can understand that” (pg 56). Are people more willing to study education when they can personally relate to the subject being taught?

    Danielle Orbistondo J01

  4. Is learnig politics, in the form of humanities, really necessary to be succesful in life? Or do they contribute to a bigger picture?

    Chelsea Green

  5. Did something happen to make Niecie think the way she does,or has she always thought that way?

    Angelia Normandia

  6. Not to be indicated in any direction towards me but are there really AIDS counselors here in Junuea? There were ones for AIDS and family violence on the first page. I know of AWARE, but AIDS?

    Why were they teaching Latin poetry, maybe I just need to know more about this topic. For one thing Latin is a dead language and to be teaching that, to me just seems silly.

    Janice Smith J104

  7. why in this day in age are caucasians still referred to as the (white man)?