Thursday, November 19, 2009

Polished notebook entries, end-of-term assignments, and notes toward a happy conclusion to Humanities 120

Greetings from the end of the semester,

As promised, here's the run-down on the end of the term and a forum for you to post your polished notebook entries.

First, then, some reminders:

On Tuesday Nov. 24 you should arrive in the lecture hall with your course notebooks ready to submit. In these notebooks there should be at least 10 clearly marked entries of roughly a page each. These should be numbered and easy to find. You should choose your best entry, type it, polish it, and then print it and place a copy in both your notebook and in the comments section here.

In the front of this notebook you should also include your end-of-term assessment of your participation. For this assignment you are charged with composing a paragraph or two in which you quickly state what grade you believe you have earned for participation and why you think you've earned this grade.

Under this assessment you should place a print out of all of your blog entries for the semester, numbering and dating each entry.

Finally, you should also arrive in class on Tuesday with your final paper--Jeremy's character analysis assignment described in class this past Tuesday--printed with both your name and your section number.

As always, e-mail your section leader with any questions, concerns, or comments--or, better yet, grab them at the museum tomorrow morning.

So finally, finally: we'll see you either out front of the Egan building tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:30am or at the State Museum at 10:00am sharp.

Until then,

kevin m

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greetings Humanities 120

These two blog entries are due for Tuesday Nov 10. Here they are.....

1. Please discuss your honest opinion of Grizzly Maze in two or more sentences.  

2. After reading  Air Guitar (61-81) how do you think Hickey feels about art ?
    Please use one quote from the text that you are referring to.